Taiwan Media:Chip Market Is In Short Supply “Rush Orders”Or Will Start

2019-12-10 14:55:05 30

Taiwan media said,With the rapid increase in global demand for chips,Including global chip foundry leader TSMC7Nano process was fully loaded before the end of the year,Mass production is expected in the first quarter of next year5Nanometer,Also favored by major customers,More rush orders occur。To this,CLSA latest report mentions,Asia8Inch chip foundry supply exceeds demand,Not only TSMC,Other manufacturers face the same situation。

  China Times News12month6Daily report,The original market expected that the consumer electronics supply chain would be destocked,But did not expect5GRapid development of subject matter,Unexpectedly strong demand,Plus appleiPhone 11Series sales are also better than market expectations,8Inch chip OEM supply exceeds demand by the end of the year,Full load is more likely next year。


  Reported,CLSA said,Includes ultra-thin screen fingerprint recognition、5GMobile phone、PMIC/CISUpgrades have greatly increased overall chip demand,Some downstream manufacturers even bypass the supplier and go directly to the chip foundry.,This shows,Indeed, some manufacturers are afraid of being out of stock。Besides,Samsung's own chip foundry capacity is also almost full,This is also unprecedented,Expected to shift some orders to production12Manufacturers of inch chips。

  Reported that,Asian chip foundry scale will continue to expand。