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Welcome to Byhe Innovations Technology Co,. Ltd.

        Byhe Innovations (Dongguan) Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing high-quality global famous brand electronic components and supporting services for domestic large, medium and small OEM, ODM and EMS, providing cost-effective electronic components products and information services for network communication, computer and peripheral, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial control, medical equipment and other industries, mainly engaged in active and passive components (chip capacitance, solid-state capacitance, electrolytic capacitance, chip resistance, chip discharge resistance, winding resistance, chip inductance, diode triode, MOS tube, relay, etc.).

        Our company has established a sales network with Dongguan as its base, radiating all over the world, and the service scope spread across major cities with developed electronic industry, with a fast response and perfect service marketing team. The electronic components of the agent brand have a large amount of inventory all year round, and the specifications and varieties are complete, to ensure the stable production of customers, and the global supply channels provide customers with low-cost, high-quality and stable supply. In addition, it provides emergency delivery service for materials in short supply, without the limitation of minimum order amount, accepts the trial production material allocation and sample order of customers, so that customers can minimize the number of suppliers and optimize the management structure in the supply chain management. At the same time, the company has a rapid response logistics platform, and opens 24-hour fast service, which can be distributed to customers all over the country through modern logistics operation mode, with obvious competitive advantages in quality, price, delivery, technology and service, and with stable quality and thoughtful service, it has won customers' trust and leading market position.

        The company is committed to become one of the world's first-class electronic components agents, through the professional technical support team to carry out the promotion service work, establish an efficient communication bridge between the original factory and users, and provide customers with one-stop product supporting services and technical information support.

        We adhere to the core values of "creating value for partners", and take "honesty, tolerance, innovation and service" as the enterprise spirit, and create value for customers through independent innovation and sincere cooperation.

        We provide value-added services such as BOM centralized purchase, BOM management and risk control for scientific decision-making, so as to greatly shorten decision-making time, effectively reduce procurement cost, control supply chain risk, and improve team cooperation efficiency and enterprise competitiveness.

About "creating value for partners"

We believe that customers, suppliers, company shareholders, company employees and other units and individuals who have cooperative relations with themselves are their own partners, and only through efforts to create value for partners, can they reflect their own value and achieve development and success.

On "honesty, tolerance, innovation and service"

We believe that honesty is the basis of all cooperation, tolerance is the premise to solve problems, innovation is the weapon to develop business, and service is the basis to create value.

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